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The Winning 

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Why Are We Different?

We Care

Our Team

Jessica Glass

Loan Assistant

A client recently told me that Jessica has the most friendly phone voice. She said she hated the world , but talking to Jessica made her like one person. Jessica is the kind voice on the phone that every client needs. A long time real estate veteran , she holds every clients hand and walks them through the process.

Brittian Billeaud

Ops Manager

A mortgage veteran of 20 years, Brittian serves as our operations Manager. We kindly refer to her as a "beast" . That about says it all. Hard work , attention to detail , and that big smile define Brittian! Every train needs a conductor, and Brittian is our conductor behind the scene that no one ever sees, but is very thankful for !

Jennifer Morales

Loan Assistant

Jennifer's smile says its all. She loves the mortgage process and offers all of our clients a friendly voice as they walk through the process. A veteran of 15 years in banking , Jennifer is an all around asset to our loan process.

Falen Chiasson

Loan Assistant

Falen is a perfectionist and it shows in her work. An all around real estate veteran , Falen uses her vast real estate experiences to help clients from every angle. She isn't just a friendly voice on the phone , she truly understands the level of service every client deserves and refuses to give anything less than 110% of that level of service.

How to get a home loan- the mortgage pro

Seamless Process

Online Application
Online Client Portal
Milestone Updates
10 Days Closings
In House Everything
Loan Assistant Assigned
Instant 24/7 PreApprovals
No Overlays
Credit Assistance


All Programs Direct Not Brokered
Mobile Homes
Jumbo Loan Products
First Time Home Buyers
VA Experts-Yes that is me!
USDA 100%
NON QM Jumbo Products
Hard Money


Co Branded Flyers
Custom Pieces- Designer on Staff
 Co Sponsor Events 


Co Spend Marketing
Marketing Coaching
Facebook Ads
CRM with Co Branded Campaigns 

Partnerships are the reason I am in the mortgage industry. I have been to the top of the mortgage mountain as a CEO of a large  national company... however that didn't fulfill me. My passion is building relationships in the local community that can be sustained and nurtured over the years together. Building businesses is my passion , and I would love to build our businesses together. In my 17 years I have seen a lot in the mortgage industry , but the one thing that sticks out to me is a lesson I learned about myself ;I enjoy the journey more than destination.  A partnership with Resource Bank would be not only a benefit to us both, but part of the foundation we would build our entire model around. I look forward to the journey together!!


Jordan Gerard 

Managing Partner

Benjamin Nihart


Benjamin is our  Northshore Native. Growing up in the Nola area as the son of a football coach , Ben knows about everything Nola. He doesnt stop there, as he has a passion for learning the mortgage business inside and out. Ben's calm demeanor and laid back approach provides a great calming effect in the mortgage process. 

Scott Kugler


Scott is a consummate businessman, and his business interests are vast and diverse. With thirty years of experience in the finance industry, Scott has learned the detailed operations of a variety of businesses and the markets they serve. As a partner in Northshore Mortgage Partners, Scott has proven to be an invaluable asset. By relying upon his experience and by leveraging his connections, Scott effectively services his clients. As a partner in our firm, Scott provides an extra level of credibility to our clients, as well as our firm.

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